Packing List

Shoes: comfy shoes for everyday wear, tennis shoes for activities/sports and flip flops for the summer.
T-Shirts/tank tops​
Gym shorts 
One or two “dressy” outfits for special occasions, like Family Night.
Swim Trunks.
** We provide on-site access to a washer/dryer.

Toothbrush and toothpaste
Shampoo and conditioner
Hair styling products
Shaving cream and disposable razor or electric razor. 
** Please note for hairspray and mouthwash: No products containing alcohol will be allowed.
Basically all the food you want to eat, during your stay with us.  We will have weekly outings and activities where the facility will provide a meal from time to time, but for the most part you will be doing your own shopping and cooking.  Our kitchen has all the dishes, cutlery, pots, and pans that you may need for cooking.  We also have 2 large refrigerators and lots of storage cabinets. You will be assigned a fridge that you will be sharing with other clients, and a personal cabinet area for your non-perishable food items.  Please bring foods that will nourish your body and soul, and help you through your recovery process.  We ask that you refrain from high caffeinated energy drinks while in treatment.

A list of names, addresses and phone numbers of those you wish to have involved in your treatment (loved ones, healthcare professionals, 12 step sponsors, etc.).
A watch or an alarm clock that does not have a radio.
Your current prescription medication in the original pharmacy bottle with the information label intact. You should also bring a list of all your medications and dosages.
A small amount of cash ($50 to $100 in smaller bills for store runs, vending machines, etc.).
Credit card or debit card to pay for co-payments, prescriptions or any other essential personal items as needed.
Your insurance cards and a form of identification (driver’s license, passport, etc.).
A notebook or journal.
Stamps and envelopes if you wish to mail letters.
Pictures of your loved ones to keep in your room or wallet.
Reading materials that are recovery, self-help or spiritually oriented. TIP: bring paperback books as they’re easier to carry around than hardcovers.
Cell phone: Make sure you don’t forget your power cord!
Nicotine and Tobacco products are allowed. 
Gum which must be unopened and sealed.
If you have special comfort items like a small blanket or pillow to bring a sense of home, please bring it!

Prohibited Items
Any drugs or alcohol.
Weapons of any kind.
Electronic equipment
Aerosol cans of any items that contain alcohol.
Cigars, pipes, cloves, etc.
Candles or incents.
Exercise equipment
Excessive cash
Clothing that depicts alcohol, drugs, sexual, derogatory or offensive messages or logos. 
Tanning oils, self-tanning products, hair dye or bleaching products.
Books or magazines that contain alcohol