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Kundalini Yoga Outside

Our Mission 

   Tru Living Recovery provides a foundation of Love and Hope for those suffering from addiction, while lovingly supporting each person in their self discovery. When Mind, Body and Spirit are in harmony with one another, there is freedom. A freedom to continue the path of self discovery without the chains of addiction tethering you to who you used to be. Tru Living Recovery can help you discover who you were created to be. Providing an atmosphere of respect and encouragement, our clients thrive by acknowledging daily successes while focusing on a future free from addiction.  

Overcoming Addiction



No one decides to become an addict. Usually, there are very complex and deeply personal reasons for falling prey to such a debilitating disorder. At Tru Living Recovery we see addiction as a symptom of a larger illness, almost as an attempt to self medicate and keep that illness at bay. Here, our philosophy is different. We believe that treating an addiction is only part of the healing process. We look to rehabilitate as a whole, and identify where the greater problem lies.
At our treatment center, we use our own unique pr
ogram and practice in a safe and warm environment of mutual understanding. We aim to give you control of your life back, help you reconcile with your past, and empower you to embrace the future.

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